Automatic High Speed Labelling Machine
Online Bottle Inspection Machine
Horizontal Plate Sparkler Type Filter Press
Turn Table/ Scrambler & Unscrambler
Packing Conveyor Belt Machine
Rotary Bottle Washing Machine
Automatic Volumetric Liquid Bottle Filling Machine
Automatic Multi Head Ropp Cap Sealing Machine
Automatic Self Adhesive Vial / Bottle Labling Machine
Rotary Bottle Washing Machine  
(GMP Model with GENEVA MECHANISUM-64 Station)
Geneva mechanism.
Four inner, one outer and one air wash.
Sequence of washes to customer’s choice.
Out put:64 to 100 Bottles per minute.
Easy operation.
Stationary nozzles eliminate contamination of water cycles.
Easy loading and unloading with two rows.
Individual solenoid valve for each washing sequence, which eliminates carbon plate and other accessories reduces leakage and maintenance to minimum.
Higher capacity centrifugal pumps to wash bigger bottles [500 & 1000ml].
The stationary nozzles avoid chipping of bottle necks.
Pumps and tasks are mounted on portable stand foreasy maintenance.
Bottle guide system speciall7y for light weight bottle.
Diameter of container 25mm to 100mm
Outside diameter of neck 20 mm to 38 mm
Height of container Up to 280mm.
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